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Being a member of the Nuplex Contractors Federation (NUFED) has many benefits, both for your business and you personally.  


NUFED has a near 50-year successful history and has grown into an organisation well recognised in the New Zealand construction sector.


NUFED members are associated with quality installation of reliable quality construction products. Being associated with NUFED will convey to specifiers and key decision makers confidence that your company is part of that bond of quality product and first-class installation.  


Contact Peter McAndrew at or Colin Nolan at to see if you are suited to the specialised construction products within the Nuplex range.  


If this is successfully established and you are able to install Nuplex products, membership to NUFED is automatic and entails a minimum annual membership fee for administration and member benefit purposes.


For product details, please refer to the Nuplex website:

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